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ChrisTV Online! FREE Edition 11.20

It enables you to watch different TV channels online
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ChrisTV Online! is a program that allows you to tune in and watch online different TV channels from many parts of the world. The program has a very straightforward interface with the most basic controls for anyone to use.

The right panel shows a list of online channels; you only need to select the channel you want to watch and click on it. The program will connect to the Internet and start streaming the video feed. There are also other tabs at the right panel that show Arabic channels, Veetle and other video streams. You can also watch the channels in full screen.

All this sounds great, but in practice, the program has several flaws. For example, many of the channels are inactive or are only available in the Plus version of the program. Also, this free version has the Recording feature disabled. And the last but not the least, the program shows ads when streaming the video feed.

Another disadvantage is that when installing the program, the wizard asks you to install extra software that can be detected as malware by your antivirus. You can decline the offer but still have the program in your system. Also, please take into account that you need to have both Real Player and Windows Media Player in your computer to watch most of the featured channels.

All in all, this free version can be considered an entry-level program so you can try it and decide if you want to purchase the Plus edition with more features or not.

Victor Hernandez
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  • Free
  • Easy-to-use interface


  • The installation wizard asks you to install additional software,which is annoying
  • The program shows ads when playing channels
  • Several channels are blocked
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